Gurozuka Review (2005)

When you think Japanese horror, it isn’t really slasher films that come to mind. Well, for better or worse, along comes Gurozuka to fill the void. With bad acting, dull direction and one of the worst film scores in recent memory, Gurozuka is a film strictly for Japanese horror and slasher movie completionists.

Battle Heater Kotatsu Review (1989)

Between the heated toilet seat and kotatsu, Japan really is the land of heated wonders. Until of course those objects want to eat you. Because what else is horror for but to turn comforts such as showers, phones and heaters in to nightmares? If you’re looking for another Hausu, this is about as close as you can get.

Curse of the God Dog Review (1977)

Shunya (Female Prisoner Scorpion) Ito’s only stab at the horror genre. Expect murderous dogs, forced suicide, possession, mass hysteria and much confusion! With no adherence to genre tropes, narrative structure, or even traditional editing the film ends up as a nearly 2 hour dose of confusion… but is that confusion actually a good thing?

Killers Review (2014)

Just as the poster screams, Killers comes “From the makers of The Raid and Rumah Dara (Macabre).” As you would expect from a pairing of the Mo Brothers and Gareth Evan’s Merentau films, Killers is a real crowd pleaser for those that know what they’re getting in to.

Shin Gojira / Godzilla Resurgence 2016 Review / First Impressions

To preface, I should explain that I consider this more of a first impression than an actual review as the Japanese in the film was far above my level. Whilst

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New Gamera Revealed at New York Comic Con

After a period of relative silence, new information on the 50th anniversary Gamera film hit New York Comic Con this week. Attendees were treated to a three minute pilot film

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The H-Man Review

English Title The H-Man Japanese Title Bijo to Ekitainingen Kana Title 美女と液体人間 Director Ishiro Honda Release Date 1958 Distributor Toho The H-Man is an excellent film wrapped up in a

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One Missed Call Review

As much as Takashi Miike used to be identified as a ‘horror director’, the truth of the matter is that he’s only really made 4 of them. This, Audition, Imprint

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The Great Yokai War Review

The Great Yokai war is probably Miike’s first truly mainstream film. Zebraman was definitely one foot in that direction, but this is a film that was absolutely made to appeal

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Capcom Begin Production on New CG Resident Evil Movie

A new Resident Evil CG movie from Capcom is on the way in a partnership with Sega Sammy subsidiary group Marza Animation Planet. Despite the production title of Resident Evil

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