Shin Gojira / Godzilla Resurgence 2016 Review / First Impressions

To preface, I should explain that I consider this more of a first impression than an actual review as the Japanese in the film was far above my level. Whilst

New Gamera Revealed at New York Comic Con

After a period of relative silence, new information on the 50th anniversary Gamera film hit New York Comic Con this week. Attendees were treated to a three minute pilot film

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The H-Man Review

English Title The H-Man Japanese Title Bijo to Ekitainingen Kana Title 美女と液体人間 Director Ishiro Honda Release Date 1958 Distributor Toho The H-Man is an excellent film wrapped up in a

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One Missed Call Review

As much as Takashi Miike used to be identified as a ‘horror director’, the truth of the matter is that he’s only really made 4 of them. This, Audition, Imprint

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The Great Yokai War Review

The Great Yokai war is probably Miike’s first truly mainstream film. Zebraman was definitely one foot in that direction, but this is a film that was absolutely made to appeal

Capcom Begin Production on New CG Resident Evil Movie

A new Resident Evil CG movie from Capcom is on the way in a partnership with Sega Sammy subsidiary group Marza Animation Planet. Despite the production title of Resident Evil

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