The Real Ghostbusters vs Gegege no Kitaro?

Who got their anime in my Ghostbusters? An unexpected member of the ghost tribe makes an appearance in The Real Ghostbusters episode Knock Knock.

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Four Things Netflix’s Castlevania Series Must Get Right

Game to screen adaptations don’t exactly have the best of reputations. Adi Shankar, producer of Netflix’s Castlevania series promises us it’ll be ‘the best fucking video game adaptation ever made’, it’s hard not to be skeptical. What is it that Netflix’s Castlevania series needs to get right for a chance at being a successful adaptation?

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek Review (2005)

Near the ruins of an abandoned city, seven children gather to play a game of hide and seek where those caught by the oni disappear forever. The debut film of Shuhei Morita, the man behind Tokyo Ghoul and the Oscar nominated Tsukumo, Kakurenbo is a film that will please both anime fans and folklore buffs alike.

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The Restaurant of Many Orders Review (1992)

Kenji Miyazawa’s The Restaurant of Many Orders takes from the best of Western fairy tales in a Japanese animation where the hunt is what’s for dinner. At only twenty minutes in length, The Restaurant of Many Orders makes for a fantastic addition to any Halloween line up and spooks up a creepier mood than most.

Call Me Tonight Review (1986)

Remi is a high school student by day, call girl by night whose life takes a turn when she receives a call from Ryo Sugiura, a teenager who literally turns in to a beast whenever he masturbates or has perverted thoughts.

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The Empire of Corpses Review (2015)

Based on a novel by award winning science fiction writer Project Itoh, The Empire of Corpses is a late, big budget steampunk sequel to Frankenstein. Animated by Wit, the company behind Attack on Titan, it’s natural expect great things from such a pairing. Unfortunately the only remarkable thing here is how disappointing it is.