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Interview with Matt Alt: Localizing Nioh and the World of Yokai

An interview with Matt Alt of AltJapan on localizing Nioh, Toriyama Sekien, and introducing the west to the wider world of yokai fiction.

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Four Things Netflix’s Castlevania Series Must Get Right

Game to screen adaptations don’t exactly have the best of reputations. Adi Shankar, producer of Netflix’s Castlevania series promises us it’ll be ‘the best fucking video game adaptation ever made’, it’s hard not to be skeptical. What is it that Netflix’s Castlevania series needs to get right for a chance at being a successful adaptation?

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Best Gifts for Horror and Anime Fans 2016

Looking for gift ideas for the horror fan in your life or to fill your own wish list? Let this list of manga, blu rays and t shirts give you some ideas!

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A Visit to the new Godzilla Store in Shinjuku Tokyo

November the 3rd 2016 marks the king of the monster’s 62nd birthday. Not a landmark year to be sure, but with Shin Godzilla standing as the second highest grossing film of the year in Japan, Gojira deserves all the love he’s getting. Enter Japan’s first Godzilla store, newly opened at Shinjuku’s Marui Annex, Tokyo.

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5 Japanese Horror Films Free on Prime this Halloween

Forget to stack up on Japanese Horror films for the Halloween period? We’ve all spent an inordinate amount of time looking for the perfect horror film to watch, and with it being Halloween there’s even less time to waste. Let Horror Japan’s guide to the best films on Prime save you some time!

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Shin Gojira / Godzilla Resurgence 2016 Review / First Impressions

To preface, I should explain that I consider this more of a first impression than an actual review as the Japanese in the film was far above my level. Whilst

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Interview with the Developers of A Credible Tale of Yokai, Robots, and the Lunar Tourist

Inspired by a love of Japanese mythology and SNES RPGs, Overclocked Games the developer behind A Credible Tale of Yokai, Robots and the Lunar Tourist have turned to Kickstarter to

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Welcome to the new HorrorJapan.com!

Welcome to the new HorrorJapan.com! This Halloween marks the one year anniversary for the Horror Japan blog, and I couldn’t be any happier with the reception it has received so

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Horror Games Community on Playstation 4

A heads up for those of you with a Playstation 4 and an interest in survival horror; I have created a community for horror fans on the system to get