Welcome to the new HorrorJapan.com!

Welcome to the new HorrorJapan.com!

Welcome to the new HorrorJapan.com! This Halloween marks the one year anniversary for the Horror Japan blog, and I couldn’t be any happier with the reception it has received so far. Gaining thousands of followers in such a short amount of time with little to no promotion has been really exciting and made me realise just how many people are interested in reading about strange things from Japan.

So why the move away from Tumblr? To be clear I won’t be shutting down the tumblr blog, and so long as I have the time to maintain it tumblr.horrorjapan.com will stay exactly as it is. The move to Word Press is mostly a reaction to the increasing messages that I’ve received asking for reviews, features on trends in Japanese horror films, and just generally more written content. The original intention was to post this content on the tumblr blog, but as I’ve seen mutuals come and go based on the whims of tumblr and false copyright claims (as well as seeing my own content reposted), I feel safer having my writing on a page that I can call my own.

This is also part of a concerted effort to move closer to the original tagline of the site which has always been to create “A place for up to date news and reviews regarding all things horror in Japan! Manga! Movies! Anime! Pop Culture!” The tag line stuck, but tumblr isn’t necessarily the best home for features, in depth reviews, lists, videos, and the rest of the content that I’d like to create. If any of this interests you links to features and reviews on the new blog will regularly be posted to the tumblr making it still the best way to keep up with HorrorJapan.

Also look out for the first episode of the Horror Japan podcast coming this Halloween!

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