Sion Sono’s Tokyo Vampire Hotel doesn’t look like your typical J Drama

After teaming up for Anti-porno as part of the Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno revival, director Sion Sono and the newly revitalized company are teaming up again to produce Tokyo Vampire Hotel for Amazon Prime in Japan. Debuting on June 16th in Japan, all 9 episodes of Tokyo Vampire Hotel will be available for binge watching from the outset.

With filming split between Japan and Europe Sono looks to be making the most of the collaboration to dip in to new territory while still retaining his patented brand of anarchy. The trailer has definite shades of Tokyo Tribe and Tag, two of the director’s most successful movies in recent years which should have fans excited.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel Gore

“I had wanted to make an original vampire movie for a long time. I approached it as if making a movie. I am proud to say we’ve produced something that has never been done before either as TV drama or feature film,” said Sono.

There’s currently no word on whether the series will be coming to Amazon Prime services in the West, but going by Amazon’s track record when compared to Netflix, I wouldn’t hold your breath. That said, given Sono’s relative popularity abroad with any luck we’ll get to see Tokyo Vampire Hotel sometime this year.

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