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I Am A Hero Review (2016)

Overall, I Am A Hero isn’t just the best zombie movie of the year, but a template for manga adaptations going forward. With fantastic special effects, creative direction and characters you can actually root for Shinsuke Sato delivers more than the expected otaku fare and creates a film that truly stands tall in the genre.

As the Gods Will Review (2014)

As the Gods Will has an incredibly strong start with the daruma and maneki neko games. As violent as they are funny, early scenes work thanks to a strong sense of humour that unfortunately evaporates once the film expects the audience to take its characters and their emotions seriously.

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The Empire of Corpses Review (2015)

Based on a novel by award winning science fiction writer Project Itoh, The Empire of Corpses is a late, big budget steampunk sequel to Frankenstein. Animated by Wit, the company behind Attack on Titan, it’s natural expect great things from such a pairing. Unfortunately the only remarkable thing here is how disappointing it is.

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The H-Man Review

English Title The H-Man Japanese Title Bijo to Ekitainingen Kana Title 美女と液体人間 Director Ishiro Honda Release Date 1958 Distributor Toho The H-Man is an excellent film wrapped up in a